Day 12 ~ Time for Tea

Today was a great day for a tea party!


My daughter and I read Fancy Nancy Tea Parties a few months ago and she decided then that she wanted a tea party for her birthday party this year. We had so much fun planning it out and she helped me make most of the food.

One of my favorite things to make with her is tea cakes. It reminds me of all the times I helped my grandmother make them…sweet memories. The first time I made them myself I had to find a recipe – thank goodness for Pinterest. 🙂 Here is the one I found and they taste just like my grandmother’s…


She wanted chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. I found a recipe and the title of the blog was “Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever!” ~ I wasn’t convinced by looking at the ingredients but decided to try it. Okay…now I agree…they are the best chocolate cupcakes ever! I’ve got to share this recipe too…


Ready…just waiting on friends to arrive…


My daughter is our little artist so of course we did crafts at the party. We had the girls decorate their own placemats, we decorated journals, and we made washer necklaces. All the girls were so excited to be able to take these home.

IMG_3507 IMG_3528

I have to admit that I enjoyed this party as much as she did. I loved planning it, serving them, and listening to them talk and giggle. It warms this mommy’s heart to see her girl and her friends so happy and having fun.

Living with Purpose…I certainly did that today!

Blessings to You!