Being a Mom…


Being a Mom is hard but it is also the most amazing and rewarding job God could have given me!

I had no idea what to expect when they laid that sweet, baby boy in my arms 13 years ago. He was so small and fragile. I thought my heart would bust with all the love I felt for him. I became a Mom that day.

As I look back over the years, I mostly focus on the good stuff. His first birthday…starting school…playing baseball…all the hugs and kisses. I try to forget things like that one year in pre-school he lost all of his ice cream scoops almost every day – not a good thing.

When I look at this teenager now, I see a boy growing and changing and on his way to becoming a man. I just want to stop time. I know that in 5 short years my baby boy will be going off to college. Since I can’t stop time I will do what I can…enjoy all the moments I have with him and pray a lot!

God has also blessed me with two more children, another boy and a girl. My daughter tells me that God knew I needed a little girl and she is right. She adds so much personality to our family and lots of pink! She brightens my day and I cherish our “girl time”.

My middle child has been the hardest to figure out. He is very different from the other two. He is quiet…a thinker…strong-willed. The good thing is that God has used him to teach me patience. I also realized that there wasn’t just one way to raise a child. What I did for my first child did not work for my second.

Parenting is a lot of trial and error and a whole lot of praying. Each child is a new creation with their own look, personality, and gifts. I am still amazed at how different they are even though they came from the same two parents. Only God could be so creative.

God has also used these three blessings to work on me, change me, and make me dependent on Him. I have had to learn to give God control over every part of my life. Believe me I have tried to do things on my own and it just doesn’t work.

Moms have such a big responsibility raising their children. There are days when I am stressed out and just don’t think I can do anything right, but I can find comfort in knowing that my Father and my children still love me and give me grace. I cling to the days that are great. Those are the ones I will remember when I am older.

So I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot. For who can bring them to see what will happen after them? Ecclesiastes 3:22

Yes, being a Mom is hard but the benefits are priceless!

Blessings to You,


The Orange Rhino Challenge – join me?

Okay…so I saw this on a friend’s blog and was instantly interested. I mean who can resist an orange rhino?

The thing that really caught my attention was the slogan…no not the part about picking my nose, the part of not yelling.

You might not know it from looking at me but I can yell. My husband and my kids can attest to that. 🙂 It is not something I am proud of and have worked on it, but when I am tired, sick, or just overwhelmed it happens way too easily.

Now that my kids are a little older they have called me on it. My oldest told me it didn’t help to yell, it just made things worse. This coming from my 12 year old. What kind of example am I setting for them by yelling?

I love a challenge and the orange rhino makes it even better. I am stating publicly that I am taking this challenge. The 365 days is a little much at first so I am starting with 30 days. I can’t wait to let me family know that I am doing this. I am sure they will watch me closely. I’ll be sure to share my results with you too.

Are you a yeller too? Won’t you join me? Check out the webpage and the facebook page…see we are not alone.

Blessings to You,