October 4 – X-rays, Cuban Food & Football

Those three words pretty much sum up our Saturday…

We started the day off by going to the orthopedic doctor to have Patrick’s hand checked. We were thankful the ligament was okay, but we found out he had a fracture at the base of this thumb.

They put a splint on and will put a cast on later this week. He is hoping Coach will still let him play defense. This mom is not too sure about that! He even said he hoped they could mold the cast so he can still snap the ball. That’s my boy – doesn’t want to miss anything.

While we were in the beautiful city of Athens, we went to one of our favorite places to eat – Cali n Titos. It feels like you are miles away from the city even though you are right next to campus. The food was great and it was a beautiful day to sit outside!


Not happy about his hand, but happy about yummy food!

I wish we could have stayed and gone to the game later that day, but we headed on home and spent the rest of the day watching football on TV. It was one of those crazy Saturdays ~ lots of top teams lost! We were just happy that our beloved Bulldogs won and TCU upset Oklahoma.

It was a fun Saturday ~ minus the broken thumb. I always enjoy days when we can relax and spend time together. I am a blessed woman!