October 3 – Friday Knight Lights!

I Love Football! I actually love everything about Fall ~ cooler weather, pumpkins, picking apples, going to the mountains to see the changing leaves, and Football!

I have to tell you that I wasn’t thrilled when my firstborn told me last Spring that he was going to play football and Varsity football at that. It really changes things when it is your baby out there.

Now I could not be more proud of Patrick and his team this year. They have worked so hard and it was fantastic to see them get their first win at their homecoming tonight! They went into this game 0-6, but you would never know it by their attitudes. They played hard each and every game and left it all on the field.

The BCA Knights are a great group of boys and they have coaches that push them, encourage them, and believe in them. I have watched my son grow up ~ literally and figuratively. He is more responsible and a fun teenager to be around. He told me it has a lot to do with being on his football team. I am very thankful for that!

The scary part of the night was watching my son come off the field and talk to the trainer and then see him holding ice on his hand. It felt like forever until I could talk to him after the game. Looks like a trip to the orthopedic in the morning. We pray that it is not too bad.

Win or lose I am proud of our BCA Knights ~ but it sure is fun to get a win!