October 4 – X-rays, Cuban Food & Football

Those three words pretty much sum up our Saturday…

We started the day off by going to the orthopedic doctor to have Patrick’s hand checked. We were thankful the ligament was okay, but we found out he had a fracture at the base of this thumb.

They put a splint on and will put a cast on later this week. He is hoping Coach will still let him play defense. This mom is not too sure about that! He even said he hoped they could mold the cast so he can still snap the ball. That’s my boy – doesn’t want to miss anything.

While we were in the beautiful city of Athens, we went to one of our favorite places to eat – Cali n Titos. It feels like you are miles away from the city even though you are right next to campus. The food was great and it was a beautiful day to sit outside!


Not happy about his hand, but happy about yummy food!

I wish we could have stayed and gone to the game later that day, but we headed on home and spent the rest of the day watching football on TV. It was one of those crazy Saturdays ~ lots of top teams lost! We were just happy that our beloved Bulldogs won and TCU upset Oklahoma.

It was a fun Saturday ~ minus the broken thumb. I always enjoy days when we can relax and spend time together. I am a blessed woman!


October 3 – Friday Knight Lights!

I Love Football! I actually love everything about Fall ~ cooler weather, pumpkins, picking apples, going to the mountains to see the changing leaves, and Football!

I have to tell you that I wasn’t thrilled when my firstborn told me last Spring that he was going to play football and Varsity football at that. It really changes things when it is your baby out there.

Now I could not be more proud of Patrick and his team this year. They have worked so hard and it was fantastic to see them get their first win at their homecoming tonight! They went into this game 0-6, but you would never know it by their attitudes. They played hard each and every game and left it all on the field.

The BCA Knights are a great group of boys and they have coaches that push them, encourage them, and believe in them. I have watched my son grow up ~ literally and figuratively. He is more responsible and a fun teenager to be around. He told me it has a lot to do with being on his football team. I am very thankful for that!

The scary part of the night was watching my son come off the field and talk to the trainer and then see him holding ice on his hand. It felt like forever until I could talk to him after the game. Looks like a trip to the orthopedic in the morning. We pray that it is not too bad.

Win or lose I am proud of our BCA Knights ~ but it sure is fun to get a win!


October 2 – So Much To Do ~ So Little Time

Do you have that problem too? Way too much to do, but not enough time to do it?

so many things

I took the day off from work today so that I could try to catch up on some orders and work on the house. Well I got some orders done and a new shirt for my girl, but not a lot got done around the house.

Do you struggle to keep the house clean and neat? That is one thing that I struggle with each day. One of my children told me that the house will never be clean by my standards. You know what – He is right! It certainly doesn’t help when I get frustrated and start barking out orders to everyone.

We have started something new. I took popsicle sticks and wrote chores on each of them and even put a color on each one – one for each child. Instead of me telling them what they need to do, I just tell them to go check their popsicle sticks. It still needs some tweaking, but it has started to help.

I need to let go of the “perfect” house. Yes, there are some things that need to be done this weekend – like cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and maybe finding homes for all the clothes in the basket in my room. Are my kids’ rooms ever going to look the way I would like them to – probably not.

I am working on relaxing more at home and just spending time with my family. My husband reminds me that once the kids are grown, then I can have my perfectly clean house. He is right!

I need to figure out the level of clean that I can live with and not stress over so that I can concentrate on the wonderful people I get to live with.

I hate to admit it, but I considered skipping Science Night at my son’s school tonight just so I could get some things done around the house. I am so glad I went with him instead. I got to hang out with my hubby, son, and daughter and do science experiments. Making Memories ~ That’s what life is about!

Do you struggle with the same thing? Do you have any tips for me?

(You can see that this post did not get posted on the 2nd. I told you – just not enough hours in the day!)

Blessings to You!

October 1 – Am I Really Doing This?


Hello October and Hello Friends! I have to be honest with you ~ I had absolutely no plans to participate in this challenge. I have way too much going on to blog each day this month, but God has other plans for me.

When I talked to my Father this morning, I told him that I am already leading a Praying for our Boys challenge, I have signed up for Teri Lynne Underwood’s 31 Verses to Pray for your Girl, and I am doing the 31 Days of Prayer Marriage Challenge over at The Time-Warp Wife (I am not reading the book yet – just can’t do that right now). I have dedicated this month to boldly praying for my family!

Still ~ I felt him nudging me to do this. To come back to my blog and write. He must be planning to work on me through my writing this month. I will be praying and writing a lot this October!

I also felt His hand in this when He gave me the title for the month – 31 Days of Faith, Family & Fun. I feel that it gives me a hint for what is in store for us.

So here we go ~ I hope you will join me on this journey and I pray He will bless you this month!

Blessings to You!