Powerful Books

Each new year I have said that I want to spend more time with God and read books that inspire me. That sounds good and should be pretty easy to do but then life gets in the way. 2012 was different for me…I actually did it.

I MADE the time! I’m telling you that if you make time for God and seek a real relationship with Him, He will completely change you. Here are some of my favorite books from this year…


This book and online Bible study helped me grow more confident which helped me make some hard decisions this year.


This book gives biblical approaches to raising our children…changed the way I handle situations with my children.


Completely changed the way I pray!


Wow! Do you realize what stress does to our bodies and spirits? What an amazing feeling when you Let Go and Let God!


I am working through this book right now…Great way to set your priorities! Free on Amazon right now too!


As part of the God-sized Dream Team, we are working through this book to find our strengths, our skills, and who we are called to serve. Go to this link to get the free interactive tools…http://holleygerth.com/books-and-more/


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