31 Days of Living with Purpose

I can’t believe I am doing this…taking a 31 day blogging challenge! My life is already busy, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it once I saw it. I felt like God kept nudging me, telling me I should.

Once I decided to do it, the topic came so easy to me…Living With Purpose.

I want to live my life with purpose! There are some days and even weeks that I just get through. How about you? I don’t want to live that way anymore. I am finally going to do things that I have just talked about before or started and never stuck to.

This month, I am going to set goals and be more intentional. I am going to be more organized. I am going to be more creative…this is a part of me that I have neglected for quite a while.

Will you join me on this journey of living with purpose? Just come back here each day to see what area of my life I am working on.

I would love to hear from you as we purposely live through the month of October.  I am looking forward to seeing how God uses and changes us over the next 31 days.ephesians515-17

Blessings to You! Melissa

October 1 – A New Beginning

October 2 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 3 – We Are THAT Family

October 4 – Dream Coming True

October 5 – Women Living Well ~ Join Us!

October 6 – A Day of Rest & A Giveaway

October 7 – Undivided Mom & A Giveaway

October 8 – BUSY DAY

October 9 – I’m Going to Kenya

October 10 – Love, Honor & Obey…even on the rough days

October 11 – Ordinary

October 12 – Time for Tea

October 13 – A Letter to my Daughter

October 14 – A Fall Day…family fun, laughs, pumpkins, and apples

October 15 – Virtual Laundry Day…helping families in South Africa

October 16 – Choosing Joy Through Rejection

October 17 – More like Mary…slowing down to spend time with Jesus


October 19 – A Social & A Giveaway…South Hill Designs

October 20 – A Pinterest Day

October 21 – A Busy Day Full of Blessings

October 22 – So Very Blessed!

October 23 – Live & Learn

October 24 – Stubborn & Quirky…accepting others the way God made them

October 25-31 – An Awful Migraine – I am upset that I did not get to finish out my 31 days. I had a migraine start on the 25th and I am actually still hurting a little today on November 1st. It has been a very long and hard week for me and my family.

Being Thankful…even through the pain


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