Good-bye 2014 ~ Happy To See You Go


Good-bye 2014! You were a hard year to get through, but you leave me with some wonderful memories and a stronger relationship with my Father.

This year I realized just how fast life goes with children. We had one start high school, one start middle school, and one start 2nd grade. In just four short years, our oldest will be heading off to college. He keeps us busy with three sports, but I will cherish all of the moments with him. I enjoy all of the time I get to spend with our children (well not ALL of the time – there are those rough moments). They do make me feel loved. I never get tired of hearing that I’m the best Mom in the world. 🙂

Our finances were the hardest part of this year. Paycheck to paycheck and still never enough. Money needed to go in every direction. The company my husband worked for wasn’t doing well in this area, so his commission check dwindled. He had already started looking for another job when his boss told him they were leaving this area. Already struggling and now he was without a job.

A few years ago this situation would have sent me into a panic and depression. Christmas was coming, bills needed to be paid, what were we going to do?

I prayed.

I prayed for a good job for my husband and I prayed for peace and direction. My Father provided what I asked for. It did not happen as fast as I would have liked it to, but I could feel Him working. Not just working on our situation, but working on me. Me learning to lean on Him and trusting that He would provide.

I can now see God’s hand all over the situation. A friend talking to her husband about his company – him talking to his boss – his boss talking to my husband and then pushing for him to be hired. We are so thankful for Angie, Mike, and Keith and their willingness to help us.

The beginning of 2015 will be a challenge – time to get caught up and pay off some bills. I am excited though! I know that 2015 will be a much better year for us.

I plan on attacking the year with well thought out goals, not just wishes. Goals for our finances, our health, and our family.

Most importantly, I will continue learning and growing. I will continue to spend time with my Father so that our bond will keep getting stronger. I will work on letting go of my fears and following His plan for my life.

Good-bye 2014 ~ I am not sorry to see you go. Hello 2015 ~ Let’s get started!


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