October 7 – You Are Not Alone

God can say a lot if you just listen!

I have been stressed. I have tried not to be, but it just creeps in and grabs hold of me. The company my husband works for has informed him that they will be pulling out of the Southeast ~ which means he will lose his job. I get stressed because we are struggling to make it by right now. I keep reminding myself that God has taken care of us before and He will take care of us again. The hard part for me is waiting to see what He has planned.

A positive thing is that my husband has gone on three interviews at a local company over the past few months. He had hoped to start working there anyway, but now he wants to start and start soon. I tell myself that God knew what was going to happen and He started moving on our behalf before we ever knew we needed Him to. The hard part is just the waiting.

Each day I keep expecting my husband to call and say, “I got the job!” And each day I am disappointed when it doesn’t happen. This morning I couldn’t even expect it. The stress had just weighed me down. He knew I needed Him. He knew I needed to know He was there and would take care of us.

First, there was a beautiful sunrise. The sun was warm and bright and I felt like my Father was covering me with His love. It wasn’t long before the clouds moved in and the beautiful sunrise was gone, but He reminded me that even though I can’t always see or feel Him, He is ALWAYS there.

I also heard the perfect song on my way in to work ~ He is With Us! My sweet Father really spoke to me this morning through those words. Have you really listened to the words before?

So don’t fret, my friend. Even when you are down and feel all alone – He is with YOU! I will be singing this song to myself each day as we go through this rough time. I will trust Him and trust in His timing.

Blessings to You!


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