2013 ~ A Year of Change, Growth, and God-Sized Dreams

What a year! As I look back over 2013, these words come to mind…faith growing, reconnecting, confidence, God-given dreams, stepping out of my comfort zone. This has truly been a year of change and growth for me!

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the beginning of the year with my God-sized Dream Team, but I knew God had included me for a reason. Holley’s book was inspiring and helped me to open my heart to whatever God has in store for me. Our team has become more like a family. A group of ladies that love and encourage one another.

My dreams have changed over this year. I have to admit it was hard when God shut a door or pushed back a dream I was excited about. I would love to see some of those dreams come true, but it will be in His timing or He might have someone else in mind to do it. I just want to focus on the plans He has for me right now.

I have to tell you that I certainly didn’t expect to be sewing and starting a new business at the end of this year! I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to buy something I had made. I am still amazed that I sold so much over the past two months. I don’t know where it will go from here, but I am excited to find out. I know I’ve got to catch up on the other side of the business – making dresses for girls in the Dominican Republic and Liberia. What a blessing it would be to be able to deliver some of these dresses myself in 2014!

I love how this business has brought me and my husband closer too. He has been so supportive. He bought my embroidery machine as an early Christmas present, he goes to the store to buy the fabric I need, and he delivers and ships orders. We make a great team!

The best thing about 2013 is my relationship with my Father! This is an area of my life where I have struggled. I would give Him most of my life but not all of it. I have a hard time letting go of the planning and trusting that He will provide. If things aren’t going the way I think they should then I try to step in and take care of it. I am thankful for His grace as I work on this. I can tell you that I do more praying and less worrying and taking control now.

I had a hard lesson during the year that ended up making my faith stronger than ever. I went on several interviews to go back into teaching (and a lot more pay), but nothing worked out. I couldn’t understand why He was closing the door on each opportunity. Didn’t He want us to be better off financially? What I realize now is that He wanted me to depend on Him. I didn’t see how we would ever get through the year on my current salary. We have made it and He has taken care of each need and blessed us more than I could have imagined.

2013 was definitely a year of changing and growing. I look forward to this new year and how God will change me and use me!

I pray that each of you has a Blessed New Year!

Are you ready to go after your God-sized dreams? Join us at this beautiful, new website and get ready to see what God does in you and through you!

Blossom Bunkhouse


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