Day 24 ~ Stubborn & Quirky…accepting others the way God made them

Have you ever dealt with a stubborn, quirky child?

My middle child has made it tough to be his mom sometimes over the past 10 years. He has also made me a more patient and understanding mom. One that recognizes that we are all created differently by our Father.

I used to get so upset with him, now I just accept him for who he is. Yes, he can be stubborn and kind of quirky, but he is such a sweet, loving child. He has a dry sense of humor and he loves to draw and build with Legos. He is extremely smart and writes amazing stories.


This morning though we had to deal with the stubborn/quirky part…

It was COLD this morning. The first really cold day we have had. I suggested he put on pants and a jacket or at least a jacket with his shorts. But no, he said you don’t wear a jacket with shorts and he didn’t want to wear pants.

Okay…off we went to my mom’s house. I think he realized it was cold (just like Mom had said) because he wrapped up in a blanket in the car.

My mom had some clothes at her house and he reluctantly picked out some pants to wear. The best part was when he said it was hard to switch from shorts to pants in the middle of the week. This should be something done over the weekend. He also said he wished he lived in a place where he didn’t have to switch back and forth.

I just shook my head and laughed about it when I got in my van. What a boy! Something that most people don’t even think about or care about really bothered him.

He is different and it drives me crazy sometimes, but I love that boy with all my heart! God made him this way for a reason and I look forward to seeing how God uses him.

Do you have a stubborn and quirky child or were you? I’d love to hear from you!

Living with Purpose…accepting others the way God made them.

Blessings to You!



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