Day 23 ~ Live & Learn

Being a mom is so hard sometimes. You hurt when your child hurts.

My oldest is in 8th grade and at a new school this year. I was so thrilled when he told me he had decided to run for Vice President of his class. He wrote his own essay and had to give a speech to his class. He felt really good about it.

Well they had the election yesterday and he didn’t win. He called me as soon as he got out of school and sounded so sad. I wish I could have waved a magic wand and made him feel better, but I know these experiences are part of growing up.

He feels better today. He knows he is loved and we are so proud of him for trying. I know this is just the beginning though. He is growing up and has so much to go through. I pray that he will look to his Heavenly Father when things get tough…and I will be there to listen and hug him tight.


Living with Purpose…listening to and loving on my child when things are hard.

Blessings to You!


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