Day 16 ~ Choosing Joy Through Rejection

Rejection…we have all experienced it. It hurts and it makes you doubt yourself. It opens the door to so many negative thoughts.

Sometimes we go through rejection in our families, sometimes it comes from someone we like, or sometimes it comes when you are putting yourself out there and looking for a new job.

Lately I have been dealing with rejection while looking for a new job. I have gotten several interviews over the past few months. I felt like I was qualified for all of the positions and would have done a great job, but none of the positions were offered to me. I can’t honestly say I really wanted each and every position, but I did like the fact that I would make more money,.

Now I could let all of this rejection make me sad or bitter, but I still choose joy.

If I truly trust my Heavenly Father, then I know He will make things work out like He has planned. Yes, rejection still hurts, but I can just have my quick pity party and then move on.

I choose to focus on all my blessings. I choose to trust that my Father will provide for me and my family. I choose to embrace God’s plan for me.

So the next time you are faced with rejection, remember that God loves you and He has a plan just for you. His plan may not match ours, but I can guarantee that His plan is better and we will be happier.



Living with Purpose…I am choosing joy through rejection and trusting His timing.

Blessings to You!


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