Day 4 ~ Dream Coming True


WOW!! Don’t you just love it when you see God working…when you see how He is bringing a dream to life!! AND in the most unexpected places!

So, I am at work right now. I am a graduation advisor at The University of Georgia ~ my alma mater. I love being here on campus and I have a good job. After teaching for 17 years, it has been nice to have a break with no lesson plans, no grading, and not dealing with discipline issues.

I never expected this to happen though. I had one appointment today. I knew it would be an easy one since everything looked good for him to graduate next semester. I don’t know how the conversation even started but it was a great one!

After he graduates, he is going to work in an orphanage in Africa for a year (an orphanage that he has spent time at the past two summers). He has been working with the organization Orphan Aid Liberia, which is based in Cartersville, GA.

I told him of my idea of sending dresses to little girls all over the world and he said they ship supplies to Africa several times a year and would love to work together. This is AMAZING because I had put this part of my dream on hold because I didn’t know who to talk to. I knew I could send dresses to the DR through my church in the summer, but I wanted to do more. Here is my more.

I cannot stop smiling and I am so excited to get started!! What a way to enjoy Day 4 of Living with Purpose!!

I will be putting up more about collecting dresses soon. In the meantime, check out this amazing ministry. Maybe there is a way you can help too.


Blessings to You!


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