Day 2 ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi friends! This October is very different from ones in the past. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month again, but this year I am very thankful to still have my mother-in-law.

Each October I have enjoyed watching the sports teams wear their pink and I have participated in fundraisers. This year I will do the same but it will mean so much more.

We started this year with finding out that my mother-in-law had breast cancer. It was hard to believe that someone so close to use was going through this. We were relieved to hear that it was treatable, but treatable meant that she had to go through months of chemo and a mastectomy.

I have to tell you that even though my husband and I had been together over 20 years, my MIL and I were not that close. In fact, I never thought she really liked me even though my husband said she loved me and thought I was a great mom.

I realize now that the problem was mine. Yes, she said some things sometimes that I thought were inappropriate but it was my fault that I held on to these things. I was too focused on the negatives to see what she really thought of me.

When we heard the news about the cancer I had such a passion to help her and let her know how much she was loved. I wanted her to stay positive and focus on getting better so she could be here for us and our children. I am happy to say that our relationship is completely different now. We text, we call, we just talk. I feel so blessed to have her!

We didn’t tell our 6-year-old exactly what was going on with her Granny, but we did tell her she was sick. She decided that she would send her Granny a homemade card each week to let her know we love her. I was so proud of our daughter and loved to get the text each week from my MIL telling me how much she loved her card. It was really neat when we went to visit and my MIL had every single card hanging up in her home. Our daughter was so tickled!

I am happy to report that my MIL went for her scan this week and it is CLEAR!! She is a SURVIVOR!! We are so thankful!!

So, this October and every one after will mean so much more to me. I will be thankful and I will be supportive.

I am happy to see that one of the companies that I work with is also supportive…you can find out more about Spark at my website. I start each day with a Spark. It gives me a little energy and a lot of focus…lots of vitamins! I believe taking care of our bodies and being careful about what we put in it will make a difference in fighting against breast cancer and other diseases.


I also want to be supportive with the other company I work with ~ Mary & Martha. You can find the link on this page or you can click here to go to my website. I will be giving 10% of all my sales this month to the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. Their mission is to educate, advocate, and serve here in my state.

Have you been affected by breast cancer? Do you know of someone going through treatments right now? How will you be supportive this month? I’d love to hear from you!

So today as I focus on living with purpose, I see that I need to focus more on the positives in my life and tell others how I really feel about them. My goal this month…send at least 2 cards each week to people I know and love. Will you join me? Don’t you love getting a card in the mail just because someone thought of you? Who knows, you might get one from me!

Blessings to You!




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