Still Dreaming

Have you ever had that feeling…you know, the one where you feel that you are here to be more, do more?

In Holley’s book, You’re Made For A God-Sized Dream, she tells us that “We are made for a pupose, and until we are intentionally pursuing it, we feel half alive. We are dreamers waiting for someone to wake us up so the real adventure can begin.”

I know God made me for a purpose and He has put dreams in my heart. My problem is that I get in the way. I try to start figuring things out and take charge. That is when He stops me and tells me to be still. I have been in this struggle for a few months now.

I know He is teaching me to slow down and take one thing at a time, but that is so hard for me. He is also changing some of my dreams, some dreams that are hard to let go.

Another thing Holley reminds us of is…”Our part is not control. It’s not results. It’s obedience. It’s intimacy with the One who asks us to trust him even when nothing makes sense.”

I have to remind myself that it is not “what” I get done, it is the journey and the time spent with my Father.

Also during the past few months, I have felt Him calling me to do more in my own home. I feel that He wants me to work on my relationship with my husband and our children. Sometimes it is easier to go out and help others instead of working on the hard parts in your family.

Our pastor is even doing a series on family right now and one question that I have been wrestling with is…If you could change your family, what would it look like?

It was also perfect timing (God’ timing) that I was chosen to be on Courtney’s launch team. Her book is so honest and thought provoking. She reminds us of what is truly important in this life and who God created us to be. (You can order yours right now and get 10 FREE ebooks!)

I am truly a work in progess and I am so thankful for His love and grace! I will continue to work on letting go and following His plan for me, focusing on the relationship and not the tasks.


How about you? Do you have areas that you need to work on or let go of? I’ll ask you the same question as my pastor…If you could change your family, what would it look like?

Hope you have a fabulous week!
Blessings to You,


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