Belong {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday! I am linking up again with our awesome host, Lisa-Jo. She gives us one word each week and asks us just to write for five minutes. Our word for this week…



I have spent most of my life trying to belong. Looking for others to accept me. The problem with that is that I was always trying to be someone else…not who God made me to be. It is a little scary knowing that I got to my 30’s not really knowing who I was.

It took some challenges in this life for me to figure out who I am and whose I am. I don’t know why I ever tried so hard to be in groups or date boys that were so different than me. I guess I just wanted to be accepted and liked no matter what.

The greatest thing now is that I belong (and always have) to a Father that loves me unconditionally. He designed me perfectly and gave me certain gifts and has a plan just for me. It is an incredible feeling each morning knowing that I belong to Him. God sent His only son to die for Me. There is no greater gift and for that I give my life to Him.

How about you? Have you struggled to belong? He is there for you too!

Blessings to You,

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4 thoughts on “Belong {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Hi, Melissa. Visiting from FMF … I’m your neighbor this week. What peace we have knowing we belong to our heavenly Father! Always and through every circumstance.

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