Brave {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday! I am linking up again with our awesome host, Lisa-Jo. She gives us one word each week and asks us just to write for five minutes. Our word for this week…



If you have followed my posts you know that I am going after some God-sized Dreams and I am learning to be brave!

For years I just went through life, happy to be in my comfort zone but always feeling like something was missing. Now that I am going after the dreams that God has placed in my heart, I have had to take some BIG steps out of my comfort zone. I have learned that fear is something I can work through. It can only stop me if I let it.

I love watching and listening to my children. They are dreamers…they are confident…they are full of faith…they are brave. They are still young but I pray that they will hold on to these things. It is so easy to let life take these away.

Has life taken these away from you? Has fear been holding you back from what God has in store for you? My friend, it is time for you to be Brave! Step out, grab our Father’s hand, and go after your God-sized dreams! He created YOU for a purpose and He wants to help you every step of the way.

Blessings to You,

Join us over at Lisa Jo’s to see what others have to say about being brave…

Five Minute Friday


11 thoughts on “Brave {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Hey there, Melissa! So jazzed to visit your blog today. SDG, God-Sized Dream Team and Five Minute Friday . . . it seems we run in many of the same blogging circles! 🙂 Can’t believe I haven’t been a regular reader by now. Love your bold call here to live a brave life.

  2. I came from the 5 min friday blog. I usually choose the one before me then select random blogs to read. Interesting that I clicked on yours today of all days. After writing mine… it just seems like another one of those times when God has chosen to smack me upside the head…. (a little more than a gentle push, but not a total swat on the fanny. lol) Thank you for posting. I also hope your children (and all children) remain brave as they grow. It gets harder the older you get (imo).

    • I am so glad you stopped by. I do the same thing – click random ones. I love it when God has us click on just the right one. 🙂

  3. Melissa,
    I love how brave you are and how you model that for me, and I am sure for your kids, which helps explain why they are so confident.
    Grateful for you, my friend 🙂

    • Oh Dolly, you are so very sweet! I am not always brave – especially when I try to do things on my own. I am still learning to turn it all over to Him. So grateful for you too! 🙂

  4. Melissa, first of all, LOVE your name. 😉 I love how brave and unhindered my children are, too. It seems that they have much to teach us adults about bravery, don’t they? What a lovely write!

    • Hello! I was actually called Missy in high school. 🙂 I know, I love how my children end up teaching me as much as I teach them. God has a wonderful way of using them.

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