Here {Friday Five Minute Post}

It’s Five Minute Friday! I am linking up again with our awesome host, Lisa-Jo. She gives us one word each week and asks us just to write for five minutes. Our word for this week…


The first thing I think of is the saying…Here today, gone tomorrow. Then James 4:14 comes to my mind…


Why am I Here?

I am here because God made me and I am to praise and worship him.

I am here to learn and grow and share God’s love.

I am here to love and support my husband.

I am here to love, teach, and guide the three children God blessed us with.

I am here to help and encourage others.

I am here to do all these things until God calls me home.

My prayer is that when I am not here anymore that I will be remembered for these things.

Why are you Here? What do you want to be remembered for?

Is there something you need to change in your life or someone you need to talk to? We are not promised tomorow so do what you need to do while you are still here.

Five Minute Friday


4 thoughts on “Here {Friday Five Minute Post}

  1. Absolutely loved your post! Stopping in from Lisa-Jo’s FMF… thank you for this reminder of why I’m here… I am here for HIM! No matter what my day holds, it’s for HIS glory! Thanks for posting!

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