Facing Fear: A letter to my chihuahua

Picture from Desktop Inspirations

I am linking up with my fellow God-sized dreamers this week and we are talking about fear. Holley has asked us to write a letter to fear. I love how she describes fear as a chihuahua in her book…

“Fear hangs out right next to whatever it is you’re most called to do. That means the closer you get to your calling, the louder fear sounds. Keep going–fear is a chihuahua that sounds like a Doberman.” — You’re Made for a God-sized Dream, Chapter Five

Dear Chihuahua of Fear, I have some things I’d like to say to you…

I love to get outside and walk. I have walked a lot of miles over the years without hearing you bark. Those were the years where I was walking on my own path, doing what I wanted to do, and not stepping out of my comfort zone.

Now I have my Savior walking beside me and leading me. He leads me to new and unexplored places. All of a sudden a hear a lot of barking and feel something nipping at my heels.

At first I don’t see you…I just hear you and feel you. My imagination goes wild and my heart beats fast and hard. I am not sure I will survive.

I hold Jesus’ hand and ask him to help me, to save me. In his sweet voice he tells me to turn around.

It is just you…a loud, but very small dog. I can’t believe I almost stopped walking because of you. It is time for you to go home and stay out of my way. I am enjoying the new places where I am walking and can’t wait to see where I go.

Do you struggle with chihuahuas in your life? It is time to tell them to go home. Face your fears with Jesus by your side. Let him lead and guide you to new and wonderful places.

Join us over at Holley’s to see what my fellow dreamers tell their chihuahuas.

Blessings to You,


3 thoughts on “Facing Fear: A letter to my chihuahua

  1. I love the way you compared stepping out of our comfort zone with the time the fear begins to show. I never thought about it but that is when i do hear the barking the loudest.

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