Heart Full of Joy

There is nothing sweeter to a Mom than hearing that their child has accepted Jesus!


Yesterday was a very special day for us…my daughter asked Jesus into her heart! She has been asking a lot of questions so I figured it would not be long. My boys left church with my Mom so we had some “girl time” on the way to meet them for lunch.

When we got to the restaurant I turned around and her eyes were closed. I asked her if she was tired and she said, “No, I’m praying.” My heart skipped a beat as I waited on her to open her eyes. When she did, she smiled and told me she had asked Jesus to live in her heart. Then she said we needed to go right back to church so she could get baptized. 🙂 We couldn’t do that but I will be signing her up for the New Christians class and scheduling a time for her to be baptized as soon as possible.

During the day I wondered if she really understood what she had done – she is only 6 years old. By the end of the day I had absolutely no doubts. She loves “her Jesus” and wants to live for him.

She was the last…all three of my babies will join me in Heaven one day. I had the privilege of being right there and talking to two of them as they gave their lives to Christ. My oldest was at school and went to his teacher after chapel. I will never forget Mrs. Martin and the influence she had on my child.

My heart is filled with joy because all three of them are saved, but it is only the beginning. My job of teaching them and showing them doesn’t stop now. I want them to have a strong relationship with God now and throughout their lives.

I am very open about my faith and my faults. They see me working on my Bible study and they enjoy theirs. It is such a wonderful feeling when we are all learning and growing with God.

Only God knows what is in their future but I pray that they will seek him and live a life that is pleasing to him. I am so thankful for my three blessings. I also pray that I will be the mother that God wants me to be.

Thanks for letting me share!

Blessings to You,


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