What is Your God-Sized Dream?

If you have visited before, you know that I have been blessed to be a part of Holley’s God-sized Dream Team! I got an advanced copy of her new book and I can tell you…It is Amazing! Holley is so encouraging and it feels like she is right beside you throughout the whole book. Make sure to get your copy today and start pursuing your God-sized Dreams!

(Check out the review I wrote at Amazon)

Have you ever wondered what if? Do you feel God tugging at your heart? Do you believe there is something you are meant to do?

Guess what? YOU were made for a God-sized dream and Holley Gerth can help you get started. In Holley’s new book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream, she tells us…

”It’s not how big or small they (dreams) are, because he creates each one to perfectly fit the size of your heart. It’s not about what you do as much as how you do it. It’s about pursuing life with passion and purpose and going with God wherever he leads.”

Don’t let lies and fear keep you from becoming who God wants you to be and doing what he created you to do. Reading this book is like having Holley right beside you, encouraging you, telling you that it can be done. She challenges you with the Go Deeper Guide at the end of each chapter. She reminds you that,

“As much as it may seem like we’re up against the impossible, there’s nothing God can’t do. Anything is possible with him. That means if this God-sized dream is truly one he’s planted in your heart, he will make it happen no matter what. Your God-sized dream is invincible in his hands.”

So my friend, the time is Now. Don’t wait any longer to grow closer to God by following his will for your life. Get your copy, open your heart and start dreaming, and join us over at Holley’s blog for some heart felt discussions and encouragement.

Blessings to You,


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