Just Share

Do you find it easier to write when things are going good? Why is it so much easier for me to share the good times and not the bad? The bad times are when I need help and encouragement.

I have been taking care of my family that has been passing around a virus for over a week. I thought I had avoided it but no…it finally hit me this weekend. The weekend I had so many things planned to do…the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Not only did plans get cancelled, but the cleaning and laundry and the things I had planned to make for Valentine’s Day didn’t get done either. It is so hard for me to be sick and not be able to get everything done.

Not only am I sick…I am stressed! I start feeling overwhelmed like I will never get caught up. The negative thoughts start coming from all directions. The loudest is…you can’t work, take care of your family, and follow your dreams – you’re not strong enough to handle it all.

I even stressed over something I normally enjoy doing…writing my weekly post for our Dream Team. How was I supposed to write when I felt so down, so weak? Then I felt God telling me to SHARE. Not to hold on to all of this stress and the negative thoughts like I usually do. SHARE that life is not perfect, that I have weaknesses, that I have to learn to let go of perfection. SHARE that I am not always a good wife and mom.

SHARE that God is the only one that can give me the strength to keep going and His love and grace cover me when I am weak.

Holley asked us to write about something we need to say No to in order for us to say Yes to our God-sized dream. I wasn’t sure at first but I am now. I am saying No to holding on to all of the stress and negative thoughts that stop me from moving forward and following His plan for my life. No to the fear of just being real, being Me.

It is time for me to share all of me, not just the happy, feel good times, but the rotten, sticky, fed up times. I will share my hopes, my dreams, my fears. I will open up in hopes that it might help someone else going through the same thing or give someone else a laugh. 🙂 I pray that God uses the good, bad, and ugly to help us all grow closer to Him.


What do you need to say No to in order to say Yes to what He is calling you to do? Find out what other Dreamers are saying No to…

Blessings to You,



4 thoughts on “Just Share

  1. Melissa,
    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. That stinks! Oddly, I find it easier to work out my struggles by writing-I find it therapeutic.Sometimes it seems I have less to say when things are going well….strange, eh?
    Praying healing mercies over you in Jesus’ name.

    • Thank you Chelle! I am finally starting to feel better today and get back to myself. I hate that I let everything get to me so much that I didn’t even feel like writing. I now know it is time to just stop and breathe and be thankful when I get to that point.

  2. Ahhhhhhh a sigh of relief. That’s what I heard when you shared that you didn’t have to do all of this up on your own. You could be the real and know that you are loved just the same. You are not alone in this quest – I am learning to do the same thing girl so I’m with you. I appreciate your honesty and wonderful post today.

    • Thank you! Why is it so hard to just be ourselves – with all our flaws? It took me 41 years but I am finally learning to just be who God created me to be.

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