Brick by Brick

What a difference a year makes!

Last January our pastor taught from Nehemiah. A study called Why Not Me? Some things that really stuck with me were…
1 – Making God a priority
2 – Making time for God
3 – God can be trusted to provide
The verse that I kept going back to was Nehemiah 6:3…


I now know God gave me that verse to hold on to for what was coming in my life. I would need to follow Him and not be swayed by others. I can tell you that He pushed me, challenged me, loved me, and held me together when I didn’t think I could take anymore over this past year. He was rebuilding me brick by brick.

After studying Nehemiah I couldn’t ignore what God was trying to tell me. I couldn’t believe I was even thinking about leaving my job, especially when we were barely getting by with both of our jobs. I didn’t have peace about it until I put in my resignation at HCA. I had peace but no one else in my family felt the same way – except the kids.

I dealt with it, well I say I dealt with it, by ignoring the comments and trying to avoid the subject. I can’t put into words what I felt and what I was going through. I am sure I looked crazy to others! I had just left a 17 year teaching career, insurance, stability, etc. I just wanted to be at home with my children and follow God’s path.

Was I always positive through this whole experience? Was my faith what it should have been all of the time? No way! I had some very hard days and nights. There were times when I felt I had failed my family and that I had just heard God wrong. I felt that He had brought me home and then left me. I went through so many thoughts and emotions. I had to reach a point of giving it all to Him…letting go of all my worries and fears and letting Him take control.

I have to say 2012 was one of the hardest years I have experienced but I am thankful for the changes in me and my family. We are more focused on Him and what He has planned for us. He has provided me with an amazing group of encouragers and I am now dreaming God-sized dreams!

Are you struggling with letting Him have control over everything in your life? Do you feel Him calling you to do something that scares you?

Spend time with God and read His word. Trust His plans for you. Let Him rebuild You!


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