Do Not Be Afraid

I woke up this morning and quickly remembered what had happened yesterday. I looked at my children and thanked God for them. I can’t imagine what each parent and that community is going through this morning. My heart aches for them. What we saw yesterday is the evil that is very real in this world. There are so many that don’t know our God and look for something to fill the void. The devil is happy to swoop in and take over if someone will let him. As I watched the news last night I kept hearing the question “Why?” and “What was the motive?” That may be something we never know.

When I got home yesterday, I hugged and kissed my babies a little bit more. So happy to see them and find them home safe. It also hit me that we were about to put our two youngest in a public school next month. What if something like that happened here? I could overreact and never let them leave the house 🙂 or I can just trust my God. I love this verse…

We never know what is going to happen but we do have the promise that He will be with us no matter what!

I will be praying for all of those affected by the shooting yesterday. I pray that they will turn to God and He will give them peace.


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